Hard Coating Machine

Dip Hard Coating Machine


Total 8 stations with 2 separate units for coating & lens preparation.
Full stainless steel construction with ultrasonic tanks
Two independent lacquer tanks : to use two different lacquers simultaneously
Machine designed to suit different lacquers
Coating unit fitted with HEPA filters to provide class 100, clean coating atmosphere.
Variable lift speed for different lacquers & lenses
Machine fitted with controller / indicator to control your room air conditioner and humidity & saving electrical power  with PLC control for the complete process
Long term process & machine support by trained engineers.



Spin Coating HRC180

The HRC-180 is a self-contained, fully automated system for the application of high-performance, scratch resistant coating to all types of plastic and polycarbonate lenses. HRC-180 uses an advanced coating technology called 100% Solids, which allows complete utilization of the coating, eliminating volatile solvents and waste.

The integrated system automatically cleans, coats, and cures lenses in one quick, uninterrupted cycle, eliminating exposure to dust and dirt, minimizing lens handling, and bypassing lens inspection prior to the curing phase. With this process, labs gain increased throughput and consistently high yields.

To begin the cycle, the operator simply pushes the start button once via an easy-to-use, touch pad interface, places a lens into the mounting drawer, and then closes the drawer shut. An eccentric motor vibrates the lens nest to center the lens. Once centered the lens is picked up and delivered to the cleaning station. HRC-180 cleans the lens of contaminants by spraying it while spinning with high-pressure de-ionized or distilled water. After cleaning, the lens is automatically dried with dry, filtered air.

The cleaned and dried lens is automatically transferred to the coating station where coating resin is sprayed onto the lens while the lens is spinning. Once employed any coating excess is reclaimed and used in subsequent coating cycles. This 100% Solids coating technology is operator-friendly, containing no hazardous or flammable solvents and having no offensive odors commonly found in solvent-based coatings. Gerber Coburn coatings do not require isopropyl alcohol in the cleaning or coating cycle.

Once the coating is applied, the lens moves into the ultra violet curing station. Internal counters monitor the UV output to ensure proper curing and warn operators when bulbs no longer function at acceptable levels. HRC-180's innovative method of holding lenses successfully cures thin centered lenses without warping, including 1.60 index. And, since curing is integrated into the entire process, operator exposure to UV light or chemicals is eliminated.

Totally self-contained and fully automated, the HRC-180 can be located in a normal laboratory environment, eliminating the need for a clean room. Economical, built-in air filters reduce airborne and solid contaminants to less than 1.2 microns to ensuring exceptional coating results.

  Cured lenses are produced every 24 seconds or 140-150 lenses per hour, making the HRC-180 one of the fastest coating units on the market. By containing cleaning and coating in one unit, the HRC-180 eliminates inspection prior to curing. And the integral cleaning cycle minimizes lens preparation and handling, especially when used in conjunction with an ultrasonic cleaning system.

Designed for easy access, the HRC-180 allows operators to freely replenish fluids, replace the UV bulb, and provide preventative maintenance.

Sophisticated technology reduces operator maintenance of the HRC-180. Built in sensors and diagnostics constantly monitor the system's performance and guards against processing errors. Intelligent software displays machine status and prompts operators for necessary preventative maintenance routines.



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